Benefits for Medical Scriber

Our student VSA program helps you to become a certified Medical Scriber and work with physicians to improve their efficiency and cashflow.

Why should one become a VSA Certified Medical Scriber? 

Do I need to be a fast typist? 

Do I need to know coding and billing? 

Who can / should take this course? 

How do I become a Certified Medical Scriber? 

What will it cost? 

How long would it take to become a Medical Scribe? 

Would I get a Certificate on satisfactory Completion? 

What support can I get after completing this course of a Medical Scribe? 

Do I need to know Medical Transcription to take up this course? 

How do I get work as a Certified Medical Scribe?

There are a number of ways in which you can get work as a medical scriber

You enter our national database at no cost to you

The medical practice engages you

You build your clientele

As a certified Medical Scribe, you shall help Physicians as well as patients

Physicians: Patients:

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