Benefits for Physicians

  1. VSA uses an exclusive and unique tool to increase your Practice efficiency by over 30%.
  2. VSA Tool has an easy & intuitive process flow to generate unique RAC auditable progress notes in seconds.
  3. Practice Cash flow increases as you increase efficiency.
  4. Speed and accurate data capture allow you to practice medicine the way you were trained at Medical School.
  5. VSA enables you to save on coding and transcription. Your coding and progress note is done in seconds in real time.
  6. You do not need an EHR. VSA provides you with one. However, you can use your existing EHR since VSA has a wrapper technology that allows import & export of data. *
  7. VSA is virtual and can be switched Off anytime thereby giving you greater privacy with the patient.
  8. VSA is an On Demand service, so no additional staff.
  9. Our integrated Virtual Scribe America program ensures your claim goes out immediately after you see the patient and we offer a full Revenue Cycle Management program with a 90 day guarantee.
  10. VSA uses MU2 fully compliant systems. No MU worries.

* MU2 Fully compliant systems only.

How it works?

  1. Trained certified medical scribes are provided by VSA or you could enroll your own office staff.
  2. Certified scribe uses Radekal during consult while you observe on tablet computer.
  3. You are able to sit next to patient and focus on them.
  4. The anatomically-driven Radekal graphics allows patient to better understand their condition.
  5. Sign automatically generated progress note at end of session.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Order & Register with VSA
  2. Access application & Activate your user ID
  3. Select your scribe & start seeing patients

All you need is an internet connection and a tablet computer.

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